our brand

Our Purpose

To Promote Human Flourishing

WHAT WE believe

We believe that each person, team and organization has unique and special gifts to offer the world. When we individually and collectively offer these gifts fully, organizations, communities and the world flourish.

OUR Mission

We are committed to helping you authentically articulate, passionately communicate and fully live into your gifts, so you can build community within yourself, among your team and around your brand.

Our values

  • Courage: We believe that leadership is a bold endeavor, best expressed when living from one's deepest purpose and values.
  • Vulnerability: We believe that courage requires one to be vulnerable to explore the beauty and shadow that lives inside and outside the self.
  • Unity: We believe that we are all one, interconnected, interdependent and stronger for our diversity.
  • Individuality: We believe that the only way to feel truly united is to honor each individual's unique and special gifts, perspectives and challenges.

Our StoryLINE

After 15 years as Belmont, Inc., when we decided to re-envision ourselves and rename our company, we approached the process as we would for our clients. 

We started by examining our archetype, or storyline, that has always lived at the core of our company: the "Lover." The Lover is about following one's bliss and living with passion. The Lover looks for beauty in all things. In the physical realm, she creates things with great aesthetic beauty. In the interpersonal realm, she shines the light on people's best qualities.

The Lover exudes a warmth and vibrancy to which people are attracted. She connects people with each other, builds intimate relationships and forms bonds of commitment with others. 

No matter how thoroughly we reinvent ourselves, the Lover will always drive that evolution. When we started as a visual identity and branding company in 2000, we expressed the Lover in how we interacted with our clients, creating meaningful connections. Now, as Vessence, we help leaders, teams and organizations fully express their passions and build community. 

Vessence logo


In brainstorming our name, we wanted to convey a sense of high vibration that comes with being fully alive. It conjured the idea of bubbles in a glass of champagne, infinitely rising from an unseen source. The idea of "effervescence" captured our imaginations.

We liked the sound of a truncated version of "effervescence." It mimicked the word "essence," another term for the core or soul. We shortened the word to begin with the letter "v," and modified the spelling. Hence, the name Vessence was born, a perfect name for a company vibrating with the energy of life that helps others find their essence and give it voice. 




Our Logo

Growth for an individual or organization is a journey. The Vessence logo represents that journey. The path of the "V" that bleeds off the left-hand side of the circle represents the growth that happened before our work together. During out time together, there are ups and downs and perhaps even transformation as represented by the path inside the circle. The portion of the path that bleeds off to the right, signifies the continued progression and development that occurs even after our work together is done. 

The mark has a free-spirited air, reminiscent of a soaring bird. The vibrancy of its color conveys the feeling of freedom, love and joy. The gray, all caps typeface balances the predominantly feminine mark with a masculine touch.