Leadership Development

How can we work with you and your team to become more effective leaders?

Our work and our world is becoming more complex, more nuanced and more demanding. In order to be effective in this every-changing environment, we must advance our individual development and our leadership skills. Effective leadership is tied to how we see the world and interact with it. Our frameworks, tools and interactions help individuals and teams grow and even transform.

Need a boost of inspiration? Want to expand your thinking? Looking to fire people up to live bigger, bolder, more authentic lives? Whether you’re running a conference, reinvigorating an organization or motivating a team, Nancy Belmont will bring passion, energy and wisdom to elevate the group.

Training & Leadership Programs
Most leadership development is sporadic or at best episodic. Committing to consistent leadership development helps you gain a competitive edge. Using the Leadership Circle Profile as a framework, we bring leadership into the daily conversation of the organization. Teams learn about, experiment with and collaborate around how to build more effective leadership through daily actions and monthly reflections.




Looking to raise your awareness of how you show up in the world? Wondering how you can create a unified brand or message? Our assessments help you see the unseen.

Individual and Team Coaching
Coaching is a practice of inquiry, observation and experimentation. Your coach asks powerful questions that help you expand your thinking, makes observations about patterns that may or may not serve you and creates a space for you to experiment with new ways of being and doing. 

Facilitations, Retreats & Team Building
Need to align your team to flourish around a common vision? Want to address those unspoken norms holding you back? A facilitated working session or retreat could be just the thing. We custom build fun, engaging and eye-opening facilitations that bring teams together and frame action for the future. 


“Nancy possesses an uncanny ability to quickly discern the essence of an issue, including, and perhaps most important, the human dynamics impacting the issue.” –Leadership coaching client